Sunday, November 21, 2010

Micah stampley-Holiness

Today, I just feel like confessing Whose I am. This song is the best testimonial for how I am feeling these days. I love You, Lord. So...

Take my heart and mold it.
Take my mind and transform it.
Take my will and conform it...
To Yours, to Yours, to Yours.
Holiness is what I long for.
Righteous is what I need.
Brokenness is what You want for me.

Take my life, It's Yours...

Deo Volente,
Step Brown

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


*Step Brown checks the mic... 1-2, yall out there. Now she steps onto the soapbox.*

This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. Do not let any young person you know and care about leave the third grade with knowing their multiplication facts, at least through the 12s. Do not let them go past the fourth grade with learning long division and how to write in cursive. Please, I beseech you, as an educator and a first-hand witness of what happens when you do not teach your children how to write and multiply, take the time and help them learn these fundamental laws of life. Yes, folks LAWS...

This is saddening to watch a 17 year old tell me I don't know long division or I can't tell you what is 7 X 8. Try watching a 18 year old print his name as his signature because he cannot "sign" his name. Please folks, I implore you, especially if you truly believe that children are our future...

*Step Brown hops off the soapbox, wipes a tear from her eye, slides said soapbox underneath the soapbox holder thingy, and strolls to the back where the future is depressing her.*

And now, back to your regularly scheduled lives...