Sunday, June 21, 2009

Confusion on Set

Things are never really the way they seem. I am here and so desperately seek to be somewhere else. Those feelings are not random. Where do I go next? What is the next phrase?

I'm just saying...
Step Brown

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Most would say that being burned to a crispity, crunchity, crackelly brown is not hot fun. Still I truly enjoyed myself at the waterpark over the weekend despite the elbow injury and sunburn. I guess that is what the summer is all about for a teacher.
This summer has seen me get my wii and my iphone. I've been working out thanks to the wii (although the sunburn has sidelined me). My iphone is the best new play pretty a child can get. It's like Christmas without the cold. So far, my summer has been slamming but there are some things the summer needs to see.
I haven't written a thing since I've been out of school. That disappoints and frustrates me. Maybe I should not be so hard on myself. I really have not had all of my time to myself. I've been busy with basketball. Still I find that to be an excuse.
The really sad part is that it's not like I don't have story ideas. I am filled with ideas, notebook full of them. Still no manuscript, no short story, no poem. It's almost nine o'clock and I have not written today...again. What must I do to write consistently?
Lord, please make me write.....

Deo Volente,

Step Brown

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

God is trying...

to tell me something. One of my college friends and former roommate just sent me a box full of books. Not just any books but books to hone my writing skills. I am truly blessed to have friends in my life who believe in me and the gift God has placed in me.
Now, I have to find the discipline and the courage to go full steam ahead with this writing thing. The message is very clear. God has surrounded me with positive people and I have His love in my heart. Everything I need is already inside me. I just have to cultivate it and let God grow it.
So thank you, Katoya, for listening to God's prompts on sending me to books and thank you for believing in my dream.
I thank You, Lord for the gift, the friends, and the love. Help me make You proud.

Soli Deo Gloria,
Step Brown

Monday, June 8, 2009


One of my favorite cousins is getting married next year. In March, I think. Of course, I have to do my bridesmaid duty. I would gladly step aside if I had a choice. But it's almost a cousin responsibility and I know she wants me in it. So off I go to a dress fitting and finding shoes I cannot wear. At least, not without pain.
I often think about my own wedding. Sometimes I want big. Sometimes I want small. Then I wonder what my man would want. He might have a big family and want people in the wedding. I have a big family so I know I will have to have at least seven bridesmaids. I really prefer a big reception where everyone can celebrate with my and my new husband. Most times, I just wish we could go away to a private island--just me, my husband, my parents, and his parents. We would exchange our vows, come back, and host a really big party--as husband and wife. On the other hand, I feel I would be cheated my family out of one of the biggest moments in my life. So...what's a girl to do?
Well, I guess first things first. I gotta find a man to marry me. *laugh* But not just any man, the man God has ordained to be with me. After that process, I'll pray about the nuptials. I know it doesn't take a big wedding to prove to the man I love that I love him. I guess we'll cross that threshold when we get to it.

Soli Deo Gloria,
Step Brown

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Platonic Friends

Can men and women be platonic friends?

In my humble opinion, they can indeed. It's all about a mutual level of respect for the friendship. Granted, you might have one wanting to get with the other but if the boundaries are set and expressed, then a very valuable friendship can ensue.

I have platonic friends. I don't know if any of them want more than that. Right now, friendship is all I have to offer. So far, that has been enough. In any relationship, communication is the key. It does not matter if it's romantic or not. Talk about what you want and expect and allow the other person to make a decision. It's only fair!!!

Anything is possible--even friends who are opposite sex. Talk about it!!!

I'm just saying...
Step Brown