Thursday, July 27, 2017

Am I smart?

Earlier this week, I had to record my short term and long term fitness goals.
Short Term Goals:                                                    Long Term Goals:
1. 100oz of water daily in 2 months.                        1. Lose 10 inches waist in 9 months
2. Walk 3 miles in 2 months.                                    2. Less than 200 Ib in 9 months
3. Run a mile in 6 months.                                       3. Still in kickboxing class in a year

Today I committed to the kickboxing class. It was a fun workout. I like the punching and kicking and see it as a great stress reliever. One hundred ounces of water is a lot of aqua. A LOT. According the to experts, I should be drinking more. Still, working on the first day of 100 oz. I am looking for a mile running plan. My diet is still taking a hit but I will do better. It starts now. I have goals. I have to WORK for them.

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