Tuesday, July 25, 2017


SOS normally means a call for help. Could it mean something different?

I'm working with a trainer now. His name is Fadi Malouf, Body by Fadi. He calls it System of Success.
Here's mine:
1. Daily, I will text pictures of my physical activity to my accountability circle
2. My friends have committed to being my '7 circle'
3. I also have to send the pictures of my meals.
4. Should I 'fall of the wagon', once I get back on it, I will blog about it. I believe the vulnerability of this blog will keep me honest.
5. I have a water app that reminds me to drink water every hour. I must follow its lead.
6. I struggle with giving rewards for doing the right things. Rewards are for above and beyond. Still thinking about my rewards.

My system is in place. I do not want to let down my mom and friends. I do not want to let down the people I inspire with this blog. Most importantly, I cannot let me down.
Just keep swimming…

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